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Our ACOs

Healthcare worker helping elderly woman down the stairs

What is ACO REACH?

Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health — the latest evolution in primary care focused ACO models.

Healthcare worker helping elderly man with medications

Our ACOs

You can find contact information or report potential noncompliance for each of our ACOs on the following pages:

Not sure which ACO you belong to?

We can help! Find your provider in the list of our Partner Providers and we’ll point you to the appropriate ACO information page.

Empassion + ACOs

Benefit Enhancements

  • Concurrent curative and hospice care
  • Expanded NP scope of practice (e.g., hospice eligibility)
  • Home visits for patients that would not typically qualify

Beneficiary Engagement

  • Provide care and supportive services not typically covered by Medicare (meals, transportation, and other in-kind services)
  • More flexibility to use your care team to improve care
  • Ability to waive cost-sharing for Part B visits

Shared Savings + Payments

  • Receive shared savings, in addition to capitation and continued fee for service payments
  • Monthly capitation payments to support interdisciplinary care team

Complete Care for patients with Advanced Illness