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For Providers

Better outcomes for advanced illness in risk-based programs

Empassion can help your organization

Whether you are new to risk-based arrangements or already there, Empassion can help you deliver improved financial and functional outcomes.

You focus on delivering great care while Empassion manages programs to maximize your success and growth

Empassion + Providers

Empassion Contracts

  • We hold full-risk contracts and let you share in risk at your comfort level
  • We handle all contracting and program administration
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare FFS

Empassion Network Services

  • We enable access to innovative program design, informed by you
  • We pay competitive rates and share financial success
  • Housecall PCPs
  • Palliative Care
  • Hospice
  • Personal Care
  • HH
  • DME
  • SDOH

Empassion Wrap Around Services

  • We streamline provider enrollment and patient engagement
  • We provide insightful data + human support to help you win
  • Program Support
  • Risk Management
  • Network Management

Complete Care for patients with Advanced Illness